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Cranberry and Turkey Scotch Egg Recipe

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Something Different…

If you’re trying to add a unique twist to your Christmas dinner why not try a cranberry and turkey scotch egg as a starter.

Cranberry and Turkey Scotch Egg

To cook the egg bring a large pan of water to the boil, add as many eggs as you need and cook for approximately 6 minutes. You want them nicely soft boiled. Take them out from the water and run them under a cold tap for about ten minutes.

When the eggs are cold carefully peel them.

To make the turkey coating get 300g of sausage meat and 300g of turkey mince from your butcher, we use Taylors Farm. In a bowl mix the sausage and turkey with whole cranberries, good pinch of chopped sage, one whole egg (not the cooked ones!), salt and pepper, and a small handful of breadcrumbs.

Take about 100g of the mix and flatten it out on a work surface, its helps if you dampen your hands a little while you’re handling it!  Carefully wrap each egg in the stuffing mix, making sure there are no holes.

Roll the coated eggs in a little flour, then beaten eggs, then dried breadcrumbs.  Deep-fry until golden brown then in an 180c oven for about 10 minutes.  To serve cut in half and plate up with dressed leaves and a nice chutney you’ve bought for Christmas.

Cranberry and Turkey Scotch Egg Recipe – The Blue Mallard

The Blue Mallard’s Bread and Butter ‘Christmas Pudding’

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Bread and Butter ‘Christmas Puddings’

We were looking for a different way to offer Christmas pudding on our Christmas menu and came up with an idea for bread and butter pudding made up with layers of Christmas pud!

It’s a little less heavy than Christmas pudding and will go great with your brandy sauce or vanilla custard.

Bread and Butter 'Christmas Pudding'


For the custard mix;

9 egg yolks

90g Sugar

400ml Milk

400ml Double cream

1 Vanilla pod (or ½ teaspoon vanilla essence)

For the pudding

About one loaf of sliced bread with the crusts cut off (you can adjust this amount depending on how much you would like to make!).  It works really well with brioche.

350g Christmas pudding

100g Demerara Sugar

100g Butter

How to do it…

Choose a suitable ovenproof dish, preferably with a lid. Pre-heat your oven to 160c. In a saucepan gently heat the milk, cream and vanilla to just before it boils. While it’s warming, in a heatproof bowl whisk the egg yolks and sugar together. Slowly pour in the warm milk and cream mix, whisking continuously. Put to one side.

Butter the bread slices and slice or crumble the Christmas pudding. In your ovenproof dish put a few ladles of the custard mix, then a layer of buttered bread, then a thin layer of Christmas pudding.  Ladle on more of the custard mix, then bread, then pudding. Continue until the dish is full or you’ve used all of the mix.

Sprinkle the top with the Demerara sugar, place in the oven with the lid on for around 30 minutes then take the lid off and return to the oven for another 10-15 minutes to crisp up the top!

Serve with brandy sauce, custard or ice cream!

Bread and Butter ‘Christmas Pudding’ – The Blue Mallard

Friday Fish Special Night in Burscough

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We have been experimenting with new dishes for the past few weeks, partly inspired by some of the different experiences from the culinary team during the past few months.

The results have been interesting to say the least, though we have finely refined these into a selection of fine fish delicacies.

Lemon and Chilli Monkfish Marinade


The Lemon and Chilli Monkfish Cheeks are served with a salad of fennel, orange, broad beans and bulgar wheat.

Oven Roast Cod Loin


This is our Oven Roast Cod Loin, served with Chorizo, Baby potatoes and a tomato fondue.

Fish Special Evening

This Friday 4th July 2014, we will be serving a variety of dishes including both of these, so why not make a special occasion of it and come and visit us!

You can use the booking widget or give us a call on 01704 893 954.

Tasting of scallop

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Tasting of scallop

Tasting of scallop, scallop mousse, roast scallop, scallop cerviche, squid ink risotto

Tasting of scallop

Working on ideas for the new menu, scallop mousse, roast scallop, scallop ceviche, squid ink risotto!

A taste of Caribbean Sunshine!!

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Join us for an evening of Caribbean sunshine!

Bring a bit of Caribbean sunshine into the cold January nights
and taste the exotic flavours of The Islands,
as usual given the Blue Mallard twist and matched with wines
from around the world.A glass of Caribbean punch on arrival‘Ropa Vieja’
Cuba’s national dish, shredded beef in a tomato based sauce
2012 Briccotondo Barbera Piemonte DOC Fontanafredda
Caribbean Crab Soufflé
Crab and seafood soufflé, sweetcorn fritters
2012 Elki Pedro Ximenez, Viña Falernia
Grilled Red Snapper
Creole sauce, green onion salad, crispy sweet potato
2012 Black Label Sauvignon Blanc, Yealands Estate
Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Sticky coconut rice and beans, mango and lime salsa, caramalised plantain
2011 Painter Bridge Zinfandel, J. Lohr
Mango and Lime Sorbet
Tasting of Desserts
Baked banana pancake, vanilla ice cream, rum butterscotch
Pina Collada mousse
‘Jamaica Ginger Cake’ melting fondant
2012 Domaine Capmartin Doux
Queso Blanco Puerto Rico cheese fritters, onion chutney
7 courses with wine just £35.95 per person

Friday 24th January 2014                   Served at 7.30pm

Feel free to join us for a drink earlier at your leisure.

We have LIMITED places available
so please call on 01704 893 954 and
book straight away to avoid disappointment.

Where to dine out in Lancashire – Eating out in the Northwest

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Eating out in Lancashire is a gastronomic dream

.Days out in Lancashire - Burscough Wharf

Did you know that there are more than 2,400 different restaurants in Lancashire for you to choose from to eat out! With all that choice, how do you decide where to dine out in Lancashire?

As you probably know, TripAdvisor ranks all 2,400 restaurants in order of how highly rated these are and we currently hold their certificate of excellence.

We have a large number of customers who dine out with us on a regular basis, though if you are looking for somewhere for a day out or somewhere to dine, why not come and join us. It is fantastic to welcome new visitors to the Blue Mallard and we always aim to give you the best possible dining experience.

We are located in Burscough Wharf near Ormskirk, Lancashire

Burscough Wharf re-opened its doors to the public in February 2011.

The wharf is centred around food and drink, arts and crafts, creative industry, fashion and the community. It is a unique development in the heart of Burscough town centre which has involved the refurbishment and redevelopment of over 12,000 square feet of former canalside buildings.

What else is at the Burscough Wharf?

Within the wharf there is an art gallery, tea rooms, an old fashioned sweet shop, a traditional bread house and even a dolls hospital! There are also boats and barges passing by the restaurant on a regular basis.

It is a great place to visit with the kids and plenty to do and see in the area, before you and after dine with us.

If you would like to find out more about our amazing wharf, please give us a call on 01704 893 954 to reserve a table for your friends and family.

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RIBI Young Chef Competition

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Really looking forward to judging the RIBI Young Chef competition at Ormskirk School this Thursday, hoping to find the next big talent in the chef world!

Fresh Picos bread

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Sams Spanish Picos bread, the smell in the kitchen is lovely…


Something a little different

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Here is something a little different for you.

Sea trout, basil mash, aubergiene puree, ratatouille.

Something a little bit different for lunch. Just give us a call and we can book you a table.

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Autumn is definitely here!!

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Autumn Apples

Its not just the weather, we been out picking the pears and damsons from Tayla’s mums garden and Richard has just dropped of a case of apples from his orchard.

We’ll be getting these on the specials boards, apple and damson crumble with vanilla custard, pear tart tatin with a large dollop of clotted cream!

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