Authentic Chinese Street Food and Restaurants

Chris’ Chinese Culinary Expedition

During Chris’ recent trip to China, he experienced many different cultures and types of food. For a country with almost a quarter of the entire world’s population, I guess that makes sense.

Many of China’s cities have populations larger than most countries. That means there is a large demand for food at every level of society, ranging from high class restaurants, to their legendary street food.

Street Food 1

On almost every street corner, there is a new delicacy, snack or food to try. Some of these foods can appear unappealing initially.

As you would expect, the local livestock available varies significantly and as with many middles eastern cultures, they aren’t afraid to experiment with foods that in the western world, we no longer consider.

Yep, that includes insects, reptiles and all sorts of other things.

Street Food 6

They also tend to have a different attitude to food waste. In a country where resources are precious, they are much more inclined to use every part of a plant or animal in their food.

Often this can seem a little daunting, though obviously, this is from a western perspective. In reality, to a large extent, food is food.

Street Food 7

It is also interesting that due to the climate variations in China, they are able to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Whereas in the UK climate, seasonal weather means that much of the years, we are importing ingredients from across the world – from Africa to the Americas, there is a steady local source of fresh ingredients in most places.

Chinese Food 2

Chinese Evening

The trip was an amazing inspiration from a food perspective, so as a result Chris has decided to put together an authentic Chinese menu, based around trying local delicacies and cuisines and interacting with the local street food sellers.

The evening is scheduled for 20th June 2014 and we hope you will join us and share in the experience. Places are still available at the time of publishing, so please contact the restaurant to find out availability.

The menu is 7 courses with 5 specially selected wines included.

You can also click here to see the menu and booking page.

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