The Blue Mallard celebrates 3 years in style!

We are 3.

On February 8th, it’s our 3rd birthday.

We have had some interesting times during the past 3 years. Lots has changed. The fabulous Burscough Wharf has developed into a real centre of culture for Burscough and there are some great friends we have made during that time.

The recession is still hanging around, though it finally seems to be heading the right way, so with any luck and a tailwind, the next three years will be a different story for everyone.

Our food has really developed as well. As many of you know, we have presented a variety of different dining experiences, all with the special Blue Mallard twist.

During the last 3 years, we have tried all kinds of different styles and traditions of food. Themed evenings have included Spanish, Italian, French, Caribbean and of course, our personal favourite – Lancashire.

We are very proud of our local suppliers and their amazing produce and many thanks goes to them for their continued support.

So the challenge.

For our 3rd celebration on the 8th February, with all these different courses to choose from, we need some help.

Do you have a favourite Blue Mallard course from the last three years?

As a thank you, we are letting you choose your favourite course which we will put on the new menu, which will launch on our Birthday!

If you have a favourite couse, let us know below and the we will choose the most popular suggestion.

As well as launching the new menu, we have the fantastic voice of Alexandra Melvin-Birchall to accompany our birthday menu, we hope you can come and celebrate it with us on the 8th February.

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