Celebrate Wimbledon with our Special Dessert

‘Strawberries and Cream Champagne Murray’

Strawberry & Cream Champagne Murray

Last year was a very special year for British tennis. After a wait of over 75 years, the whole nation was on the edge of their seats as finally Andy Murray did the impossible and won the Wimbledon Men’s title.

So fast forward a year and this means that for the first time since 1937, Andy Murray is our first British defending champion.

The Greatest Year in British Tennis

To celebrate the greatest year in British tennis, we decided that we would develop an extra special tribute in the form of unique dessert containing all the elements that make Wimbledon so exciting.

Our dish is a Vanilla cream Panna Cotta with Strawberry Soup, Strawberry and Champagne jelly.

The Blue Mallard Twist

As ever, we have added The Blue Mallard twist to it, with the addition of a tennis racquet made from spun sugar and tennis balls of Galia Melon.

If you are feeling like an extra celebration, it can be ‘served’ with a glass of champagne and a fresh strawberry.

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