Cranberry and Turkey Scotch Egg Recipe

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If you’re trying to add a unique twist to your Christmas dinner why not try a cranberry and turkey scotch egg as a starter.

Cranberry and Turkey Scotch Egg

To cook the egg bring a large pan of water to the boil, add as many eggs as you need and cook for approximately 6 minutes. You want them nicely soft boiled. Take them out from the water and run them under a cold tap for about ten minutes.

When the eggs are cold carefully peel them.

To make the turkey coating get 300g of sausage meat and 300g of turkey mince from your butcher, we use Taylors Farm. In a bowl mix the sausage and turkey with whole cranberries, good pinch of chopped sage, one whole egg (not the cooked ones!), salt and pepper, and a small handful of breadcrumbs.

Take about 100g of the mix and flatten it out on a work surface, its helps if you dampen your hands a little while you’re handling it!  Carefully wrap each egg in the stuffing mix, making sure there are no holes.

Roll the coated eggs in a little flour, then beaten eggs, then dried breadcrumbs.  Deep-fry until golden brown then in an 180c oven for about 10 minutes.  To serve cut in half and plate up with dressed leaves and a nice chutney you’ve bought for Christmas.

Cranberry and Turkey Scotch Egg Recipe – The Blue Mallard

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